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Specialized empty plastic container bottle palletizer with straping and wraping system

Features & Application

Super Jinjun’s innovative palletizing product line can provide a palletizing solution for any application or budget. Options include automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and full product palletizing. Box palletizing systems are also available.

Take advantage of the flexibility of Super Jinjun’s palletizing systems. Our solutions simultaneously palletize multiple lines and retain the adaptability to program for future products and packages. Meanwhile, Super Jinjun’s palletizing solutions offer long-term benefits for most product distribution systems. Trust Super Jinjun’s experience to provide the palletizing solution that fits your production needs.

Super Jinjun’s automatic palletizing systems have the ability to accommodate a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Patented and innovative mechanisms are designed to handle bottles precisely and efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing manpower expenses.

Semi-Automatic and Manual Palletizing

Super Jinjun’s semi-automatic and manual palletizing systems will handle most container sizes and are perfect for blow molders who are looking to increase throughput of bottles. These affordable bottle palletizing solutions are capable of handling a wide range of products.

Super Jinjun’s box palletizing systems include precise robotic head tooling to ensure quick and accurate stacking for a variety of box types.

Tray and Cart Palletizing

We assisted a dairy customer transition to a caseless system by engineering a complete palletizing solution, including a cart dispenser, tray dispenser, and unique cart conveyance.


Bottle Bulk Palletizing


From an operator-assisted manual machine, all the way to a fully automatic integrated system, Dyco has your palletizing needs covered.


Check this video to see how our empty plastic container bottle palletizer works:

Application: bottle palletizer