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Full automatic blow molding machinery & system since 1999.

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Solution on Bottle Packaging

As the leading pioneer extrusion blow moulding and fully automatic machinery and systems since 1999 in China, JinJun Machinery is often imitated, never duplicated.

Others may have rehashed our ideas in simplistic packages, one size fits all. But JinJun Machinery offers truly engineered equipment, tailored and customized for your needs. Ongoing innovation and problem-solving for each customer results in more uptime, better quality output, and a competitive ADVANTAGE.

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Consuming Packaging

Applications on our blow molding machine

Auto & Motorcycle


Who We Are

Our pursuit is progress for people live in happy everywhere. That’s why we take a closer look at extrusion blow molding machines, ask questions and think ahead.

We’ve been around for more than 23 years. Since our birthday, we have focused on manufacturing of blow molding machines and keep innovating on it. for now, we have become a truly global company, with around 500 employees in 5 countries working on breakthrough solutions and technologies. In 2019, we joined Guangzhou CHINAPLAS. also, we have joined NPE. US, K-show Germany for many times.

We are Super JinJun . we provide various extrusion blow molding machines. normal standard or nonstandard blow molding machines. normal machines are suitable for normal plastic bottles, jerry cans, Automotive And Motor Oil containers. nonstandard blow molding machines, we have special super machines for TPU air-sole. medical plastics, PETG special purpose machines, multilayer, co-extrusion blow machines, special machines for highlight, deep gloss and soft-touching cosmetic bottles. for large volume container. we have accumulator blow molding machines.

JinJun Machinery on big blow molding industrial show


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