SPB-1.8L blow molding machine for high transparent small bottles on Essential oils and perfumes
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bottles for drugs,milk, cosmetics, drink, toys and hotel goods,3 layer cosmetics.

fits for plastic bottles in 0.2-1.2L. with PE、PP、PETG,PVC、PS、PC、TPU、ABS、PA、EVA etc.

Check this video to know how this machine works:


Normal small plastic bottles



plastic bottles for drugs,small plastic bottles

plastic bottles for drugs,small plastic bottles

Features & Application

SPB-1.8L Small Extrusion Blow Molding Machine For Various High Transparent PETG Bottles On Essential Oils And Perfumes

SPB 1.8LD Shuttle Blow Molding machines are used for the Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM) process. Shuttle machines are either single-sided or dual-sided machines, and can be manufactured to produce one- to six-layer containers for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and chemical applications. This is the most popular type of machinery for blow molding high density polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene Plastic (PP) containers around the world. Literally thousands are sold every year. A shuttle machine consists of either single or dual clamps that shuttle (or slide) from under the die head to a blow pin assembly for blowing. The machines come in all sizes and configurations from single cavity to as many as 20-30 and bottle sizes from a few ounces up to a 10 litre jerry can. Included in the shuttle group is the long stroke type blow molding machine. Popular manufacturers include Bekum, SIG, Automa and Magic to name only a few of hundreds.

The Shuttle Production Process

  1. The shuttle is brought under the flowhead, where a parison of plastic material is being constantly extruded. The mold closes and “shuttles” away from the flowhead
  2. The mold is then brought to the blow pins, which are then forced downward into the molds, helping to “calibrate” the necks while air is forced into the cavity to blow the container. The shuttle motion allows the bottles to be blown and cooled to the side, without interfering with the parisons, which are continually extruding from the flowhead
  3. In a dual-sided shuttle machine, the second shuttle mold is brought under the flowhead while the first set is being blown and cooled, doubling the machine’s output

The Shuttle MoldPETG thick bottom bottle

Shuttle machines may extrude single or multiple parisons, and are characterized by the number of parisons and the horizontal spacing between the parisons. For example, a “4×100” shuttle extrudes four parisons, spaced 100 mm between the centers. This would require a platen (for attaching the molds) greater in size than 400 mm, to accommodate the required mold width. The horizontal or angled shuttling distance is thus greater than 400 mm for a 4×100 shuttle machine. In general, shuttle machines up to 2×100 mm spacing are considered small machines; shuttles up to 6×100 mm spacing are considered mid-sized machines; shuttles larger than this are typically referred to as “long-stroke” machines.

Typically used for lower volume output, these machines generally have two to four cavities per mold, positioned horizontally next to each other. Key advantages of the shuttle blow molding process includes:

  • Low mold cost for low volume output
  • Capable of producing high-quality “calibrated neck” finish with blow pins
  • In-machine trimming – finished bottles exit the machine
  • Capable of producing handleware bottles
  • Capable of producing multi-layer bottles (up to 6 layers)
  • Double Station
  • Single/Double/Triple/Q.12 Head
  • Horizontal Operated Clamping System
  • Production Volume:2ml~1.8L
  • Multi layers: Co-Extrusion 1-6 Layers
  • Multi cavities: 1~12 cavities
  • Specialize for the PE/PP/PETG/PVC/Nylon/Co-Extrusion material
  • Special function: View Stripe
  • Clamping system: Toggle/3 Tie Bar/4 Tie Bar
  • Driven Model: Hybrid servo motor drive system/ High performance hydraulic power saving system/Close loop proportional valve
  • Support Parison controller/Auto Deflashing/Auto Recycling/Auto material feeder/Remote trouble shooting funciton/IML(in mold labeling)



  • Clamp sizes / quantity to match all requirements
  • Easily configured for monolayer and multi-layer applications
  • Single or multi parison
  • Efficient electric drive(s) on extrusion system
  • Low profile for ease of operator access
  • Part removal and trimming matched to the application
  • In-mold labeling and view stripe capable
  • Lowest investment cost for high-speed applications
  • Extreme bottle quality consistency

This SPB-1.8L small extrusion blow molding machine is with key features small size, high speed, stable and energy-saving and multilayer co-extrusion blow molding.

man-machine interface, easy to operaqte, double station or single station, mould head options: from single to six mold head, single layer to six layers. multi layer with transparent line. In-Mold (Blow Mold) Labeling , auto-deflashing device, crusher recycle system, rotary bottle mouth cutting device,conveyer belt and automatic are optional. daily output 12000 to 86000. fits plastic bottles with 0.1-2.5L.

multilayer co-extrusion blow molding is the technology of making hollow container by blowing molding.

It uses more than two extruders to melt and plasticize the same or different plastics in different extruders.

And then compounding, extruding and forming multi-layer concentric composite parison in the die.

Its basic process principle is same with the single layer blow moulding technique. Only the moulding equipment use several extruders to plasticize different kind of plastics.


Application: multilayer co-extrusion blow molding, plastic bottle machine, small extrusion blow molding machine
Screw Diameter MM 45 50 65 70
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22:1 22:1 24:1 26:1
Extrusion motor KW 7.5 11 22 30
Oil pressure motor KW 5.5 5.5 11 15
Screw rotate speed R.P.M 10-75 10-75 10-75 10-75
Screw heating zone Parts 6 6 6 6
Heating power KW 12 12.6 18 20
Parison motor option KW
Extruding Capacity HDPE kg/h Approx.30 Approx.35 Approx.70-75 Approx.85-90
Mold Center Distance mm 50/60/85/100/120 45/50/60/85/100/120 60/80/90/120/130 60/80/120/130/150/180
platen distance mm 110-330 110-330 180-450 180-550
mold movement stroke mm 310 310 380 420
Length range of mould mm 50-250 50-250 100-320 150-380
Width range of mould mm 60-260 60-260 100-350 150-400
Thickness range of mould mm 110-150 110-150 150-180 180-230
Dry Circle time s 3.6 3.6 3.7 3.7
Mold-locked pressure Ton 3 3 5 7
Oil tank Volume L 150 150 150 180
Air Pressure kg/cm2 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8
Air Volume m3/min 0.4 0.4 0.6 0.8
Cooling water pressure mpa 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5 0.5-0.7
Cooling water consumption L/min 30 30 50 60
Min./Max. diameter of product mm 10-100 10-100 30-200 40-300
Weight of product g 0.5-20 0.5-20 20-150 50-250
Volume of product L 0.01-1 0.01-1 0.05-2 0.1-5
Total power consumption kw 25.5 29 54 65
Average power consumption kw Approx.10-12 Approx.11-13 Approx.21-30 Approx.25-38
Net weight of machine ton 2.95 3 5.5 7
Gross weight of Machine ton 3.15 3.2 5.7 7.2
Machine dimension (L*W*H) m3 2.26*1.66*2.24 2.26*1.66*2.24 3.2*2.1*2.5 3.7*2.3*2.7