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There are 3 series  extrusion blow molding machines on our products:

SPB series:

This series is the smallest blow moulding machine in JinJun Machinery, its’ feature are  small size, high speed, stable and energy-saving. Auto bottle mouth deflashing device and rotary bottle mouth cutter device are optional.

coveyer belt and auto crusher system single head, double mould heads, three mold heads, four mould heads and six mold heads are optional

DKB series

DKB series Full automatic single-multi layers blow molding machine production line.

As a replacement of glass, there is increasing demand in multi-layer co-extruded plastic hollow containers that are completely sealed, light resistive, corrosion resistive, heat resistive, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, durable, anti-static, flame retardant, strong, very tough and impact resistive.

A multilayer blow molding machine is required for the manufacturing process of such plastic containers. Two or more layers of plastic (same or different types) are injected into the same machine. A compounded parison with separate layer is formed by a special nose.

It yields quality products with no scrap and cutting edge on the bottom without involving any welding and chemical process. The process is suitable for high-volume, wide-open container manufacturing.

Multilayer structure materials include: nylon / polyolefin, polyvinyl alcohol / polyolefin, PE / PVC/polyethylene, polystyrene / polyacrylonitrile / polypropylene

DKW series

This series is almost the same as the series DKB. the only different is the construction for the movement of die mold. for DKB series, the movement of die mold is move along guide pillar; for DKW series, the movement of die mold is move by bent axle. as you know, move by bent axle is more powerful and longer distance.

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