Leakage detector for Yogurt, beverages, beer, carbonated drinks finished products
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Our enhanced leakage monitoring and verification system is designed to provide advanced leak detection capabilities and reliable sealing verification in a single device. With this system, you will be able to quickly and effectively detect and address leaks in your equipment, without the need for expensive equipment or additional manpower.

The system works by using advanced sensors to monitor your equipment and detect any leaks that may occur. Once a leak is detected, the system’s sealing verification technology can quickly and reliably verify that the seal has been properly applied and is functioning correctly.

Our system is designed to work with a wide range of equipment, including tanks, pipelines, and other large-scale machinery. It is easy to install and operate, and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

In addition to its advanced leak detection and sealing verification capabilities, our system also comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to monitor and manage your equipment in real-time. You can receive alerts and notifications when leaks occur, and track the history and performance of your equipment over time.

Overall, if you are looking for an advanced and reliable solution for detecting and addressing leaks in your equipment, our enhanced leakage monitoring and verification system is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Our leakage detector machine can be used in a variety of applications, including:

1. Beverage industry: In the beverage industry, the detection of leaks in plastic bottles filled with drinks such as water, juice, etc. is crucial to prevent spillage and ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: Aqueous solutions, tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical products often come in packages that need to be sealed to prevent contamination and maintain efficacy. The leakage detector machine can help ensure the integrity of the packaging and the quality of the products.

3. Cosmetics industry: Many cosmetic products are filled in plastic bottles, and leakage detector machines can be used to ensure the integrity of the packaging and the quality of the products.

4. Chemical industry: Chemicals can be stored in plastic bottles, and leakage detector machines can help to detect any leaks in the bottles, which can prevent spills and ensure safety.

In summary, the leakage detector machine can be used in various industries to ensure that the products are of high quality and to prevent environmental pollution, contamination, and safety hazards.

Features & Application

This Enhanced Leakage Monitoring and Verification System is a new type of equipment on the basis of the can pressure testing machine, combined with the PE bottle production process conditions, which can test the finished product capacity and sealing of plastic bottles made of PE, PET and other materials. Automatically remove products with leakage online. The equipment adopts foreign high-precision pressure sensors and special mechanical guiding devices for cooperative detection, and judges its tightness through the feedback value of the internal pressure of each container under steady extrusion strength. The equipment uses a wide range of containers and is sensitive to small leak detection.

This machine detects leaks in plastic bottles filled with aqueous solution or any other liquid and sealed, leakage detector machine for plastic bottle after sealed typically include the following components:

1. Conveyor system: The conveyor system would be used to transport the filled and sealed plastic bottles through the machine and into the testing area.

2. Testing area: The testing area would be where the bottle is assessed for leaks. It could include a pressure vessel, which would be used to apply pressure to the bottle, and a detection system, which would be used to identify any leaks.

3. Pressure regulator: The pressure regulator would be used to control the amount of pressure applied to the bottle during the testing process. This could be done manually or automatically.

4. Detection system: The detection system would be used to determine whether a bottle is leaking or not. It could be based on visual inspection, or it could involve the use of sensors to detect any liquids that have escaped from the bottle.

5. Rejection system: If a bottle is found to be leaking during the testing process, it would need to be rejected before it can be filled and shipped to customers. A rejection system would be used to remove any bottles that fail the leak detection test from the production line.

Overall, a machine for detecting leaks in plastic bottles filled with liquid would need to be precise, fast, and reliable to ensure that any faulty bottles are removed from production, and only those that pass the leak detection test make it to the customer.

Technical advantages

◆ It adopts foreign advanced fatigue-resistant high-sensitivity pressure sensor for detection, avoiding the influence of the inherent internal pressure of the product on the detection, improving the detection accuracy and effectively reducing the false rejection rate

◆ Adopt DSP hardware circuit design, low power consumption, fast processing speed, effectively improve detection accuracy

◆ Dual-drive belt clip bottle movement design, automatically adjust container rotation according to container size and characteristics, so as to maintain optimal performance of detection

◆ It is convenient and fast to debug, and it is very convenient to replace parts

technical indicators

Equipment name: PE bottle pressure testing machine

Detection speed: 72000BPH

Scope of application: PE, PET and other plastic bottle products

Installation position: after the filling machine

Detection function: seal leakage, lack of sealing aluminum foil, presence or absence of sealing aluminum foil, poor airtightness of the container, excessive pressure in the container

Check this vodeo too see how our leaking detector works on the mass milk production:

Application: leakage detector