Moog servo valve on blow molding machine
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MOOG servo valve on plastic blow molding machine or injection molding machine

Parison blow moulding of intricate plastic bottles and other plastic parts requires air pressure control that is precise, repeatable and rapid responding. MOOG servo valve offers electronic closed-loop pressure and flow control used to improve processes in the plastics blow moulding industry.

Once set, the control profile from MOOG servo valve can be saved to a file in the customer’s PLC.A changeover to make a different part becomes as easy as pushing a buttonThe electronic pressure controllers can be factory-tailored to any application requirements. Moog servo valve is required to control the parison controller on blow molding machine.

We’ve often found that controlling the flow to a parison blow moulding application is more effective, in certain situations.But, if pressure control is to be used, we always specify our 2-loop pressure control configuration featuring a parison and volume booster assembly for maimum accuracy and repeatability.

Capturing the Parison To design a blow moulded product, you must understand the interaction between the molten plastic parison and the mould. If you’ve blown a bubble from bubble gum you can understand blow moulding. The plastic material stretches like the gum and if it gets too thin it ruptures. Since the parison is extruded as a tube, it is easy to make a tube or bottle-shaped part not much stretching occurs. The two mould halves open, the parison is inserted, the mould halves close and the part is blown. The split between mould halves is known as the parting line. We try to have a large enough parison diameter that as it flattens, it can be captured by the entire perimeter of the panel at the pinch-off. If the parison does not extend to all areas of the pinch-off, it must stretch the rest of the way.

Features & Application

MOOG servo valves and Servo-Proportional Valves are electrohydraulic, continuously acting valves that transform a changing analog or digital input signal into a stepless hydraulic output (flow or pressure).  The term servovalve describes a valve design with bushing spool assembly, characterized by high precision metering edges. The term servo-proportional describes valves with a spool-in-body design.Moog valves provide precise control of position, velocity, pressure and force.MOOG servo valve on blow molding machine

On your blow molding machine, a standard parison thickness controller is needed. it is usually a MOOG parison controller. as you see,  MOOG parison controller is drived by hydraulic,To control your parison, with right position, right velocity, right pressure and right force, this Moog servo valve is a must.The servo-driven parison control system for extrusion blow molding machines , all parison controller is designed to adjust the wall thickness of the workpiece by changing the gap between the movable and stationary forming element of the extrusion blow molding machine head.

When setting up a continuous extrusion machine, a time-based program is used. The signal for the beginning of the program cycle sequence is received from the machine (cutting off the workpiece or signal from the photo sensor ), which is also the signal for the end of the previous program cycle. PARISON CONTROLLER measures in each cycle the time interval between two successive slices of the workpiece and distributes the values set from the control panel in the measured time interval at equal intervals . The duration of the intervals for the execution of the program for changing the thickness is determined by the duration of the product manufacturing cycle. Billet wall thickness adjustment is achieved by changing the gap between the movable and fixed shaping element of the extrusion-blowing head of the machine, the exact position of the shaping elements occurs in strict accordance with the specified schedule on the operator panel, which achieves high product repeatability.

Application: moog servo valve