Blow mold with auto trimmer
Features & Application

On extrusion blow molding machine, you can produce any hollowed plastc products. You can produce animal statue with no opened mouth, you can produce any plastic bottles with a single mouth hole, or double mouth holes or even 3, 4 mouth holes. or you can produce flowerpot on an extrusion blow molding machine, you can produce a special pipe with outletand inlet on an extrusion blow molding machine.

Blow mold with rotary cutting trimmer, it is a bottle mouth cutting mechanism on an automatic blow molding  machine is an auxiliary mechanism matched with the automatic blow molding and bottle blowing machine. It consists of a bottle holding device for holding bottles that need to be cut off, a moving device, and a flash cutting device for cutting off the bottle mouth flash on the bottle after the bottle holding device has held it. The bottle holding device is connected to a pair of openable and closable inner and outer templates of the automatic blow molding machine; the moving device is connected to the bottle holding device; the flash cutting device is located on the moving device , and corresponds to the top of the bottle holding device. The advantage is: after adopting the above structure, the bottle holding device, the moving device and the flash cutting device are organically connected to each other into a whole, which can not only realize online cutting of flash on the automatic blow molding machine, but also ensure the cutting of flash. The edge device moves synchronously with the bottle holding device to eliminate the movement error between the two and ensure cutting quality; the overall structure is simple and the cutting efficiency is high.

Check this video to see how blow mold with auto rotary cutting trimmer works on blow molding machine: