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Programmed LCD touch display on blow molding machine or injection molding machine

Features & Application

touch screen is an electronic visual display that can detect the presence and location of a touch (usually by a finger or hand) within the display area.

The Touch display installed on the blow molding machine or injection molding machine, in  accordance to INDUSTRY 4.0, an extraordinarily revolutionary concept of automation matching the robustness and reliability of PLC industrial with potential of interconnectivity and interfacing of the operating systems of the PC world.

The use of this tool has allowed to improve the machines electronic and mechanical performances,  as well as to provide a more simple and easy handling for the operator of the working parameters.

In fact, the setting, programming and displaying  of the various values ​​appears much more immediate than a common display and can be performed remotely, as well as remotely can take place the data exchange from previous to next phases and assistance hardware / software.

It is also possible to choose the programming language of the machine, perform a complete self-diagnosis, consult the machine manual, check the daily / periodic and total productivity and many other options!

Touch display on the machine is always programmed. for an unprogrammed touch display, it is useless. programming is different if on different machines. for extrusion blow molding machine, the touch display is programmed, so that you can easily operate on this machine.


  • Reduces error while accessing something.
  • Provides easy and fast access to any file.
  • Reduces the need of extra input devices like keyboard, mouse, etc. hence saves energy.
  • Provides good security.
Application: programmed touch display