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Electric Knife Hot Knife parison cutting blades on extrusion blow molding machine

Features & Application

Parison cutter knives are commonly known as stab knives, jab knives, trim knives and cut-off knives, and are an essential component in the Extrusion blow moulding process. Stab knives and parison cutters and blades for thermoplastics operations,  exact specifications, guaranteeing excellent performance in all types of blow moulding machine.  hold an extensive range of drawings for all types of machines including Becum, Cautex,Magic, bestar.


Parison blades are made of very special materials. It is generally heated to over 500 degrees Celsius, so it cannot rust, is resistant to high temperatures, and will not fail after repeated high-temperature cooling.

There are several types parison blades.There are push-pull parison blades, which are generally used in blow molding for the production of small products. Like the picture above,



another special parison blade is for big parison cutting, see this picture:

Parison blades can be molded in shape. it is with good quality as the parison blades. but for normal usage,

It’s this ribbon hot cutter like this:

Ribbon parison blade material in roll


For this rolled parison blade material. You can cut it in any length, and you can bend it in the shape what you want. this is cheap way for the parison blades. but as you can see, there is no sharp area on the parison blade material, So it is needed to add this sharp area on the parison material. any way, it works.


Application: hot knife on blow molding machine, parison blade