PETG plastic vase blow molding machineDKB-25TD
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PETG plastic vase blow molding machine DKB+25TD


  • Plasticizing and  preparation of  the  thermoplastic  melting and extruder.
  • Diversion of the melt into a vertical downward flow and forming a tubular melt “parison”. This parison is produced in the so-called parison head (also called blow head, die head, or just briefly head).
  • A mold (blow mold), usually consisting of two half-shells, is closed around the parison hanging freely under the head and squeezes it at both ends (top and bottom).
  • Insertion of a blow pin or (possibly several) blow needle(s).
  • Inflating the plastic parison onto the cooled walls of the blow mold, where the plastic cools, solidifies, and assumes the final shape of the molded part.
  • Opening the mold and demolding the blow molded part.
  • Pinching off the squeezed off “flashes” at both ends of the blow molded part (deflashing).

The toggle mechanism is highly efficient and yields excellent results; it is widely in the clamping units of injection-molding machines. This work explores the effect of key design parameters – the speed profile of the moving platen, the stroke of the clamping hydraulic cylinder and mold-opening, the ration of force amplification, and the initial angle of mold-closing on the performance of a five-point double-toggle clamping mechanism, drawing on a newly developed formulation of motion.plastic vase production on blow molding machine

  • DKB Shuttles are designed for continual use and durability: All machines are engineered with heavy-duty steel frames to accommodate high-clamp tonnage, fixed calibration and specialty trimming.
  • Hydraulic, Hybrid, and All Electric models are available with options such as In Mold Labeling (IML), In Machine Leak Testing, View Stripe and Co Extrusion, Mold and Tooling Quick Change Technology, and much more.
  • Operators’ ease-of-use considered: Simplistic operator screens and controls for easy start-up, production and diagnostics.
  • Production speeds improve output: Latest advancements in shuttle-motion technology mean multiple movements can be cammed together yielding faster cycle times.
  • DKB Die Heads speed-up color changes, improve versatility: Spiral or standard sleeves offer extremely fast color changes and exact layering structures to improve product quality.
  • Cleaner work areas with Scrap and Flash removal
  • Seamless, integrated line functions : Our fully integrated line-control system manages all machine functions as well as parison control. Designed with PLC or PC systems, you specify brands.
  • Open-architecture control systems customized to your manufacturing functions: Using off-the-shelf, commercially available parts allows for greater flexibility. All engineering functions and Super’s proprietary parison control included with these systems.

Extrusion blow molding machine is equipped with various components, including a hopper for feeding plastic material, a transfer screw for directing the material, and a blow mold for shaping the parison. These machines can be used to produce a wide range of plastic products, including flower vases.

Features & Application

Produce a plastic flower vase using an extrusion blow molding machine. Extrusion blow molding is a manufacturing process that involves creating hollow plastic objects by inflating a hot tube of plastic material, known as a parison, inside a water-cooled mold. The process is similar to blowing up a balloon.PETG plasti vase made by blow molding

To create a plastic flower vase, the extrusion blow molding machine would need to be equipped with a mold specifically designed for that special designed plastic vase shape. The machine would extrude the molten plastic into a parison, which would then be captured in the mold. Once the mold is closed, air is injected through the top or the neck of the container, expanding the parison and shaping it into the desired shapes.

If you are interested in purchasing an extrusion blow molding machine for producing plastic flower vases. It’s recommended to explore their product offerings and consult with their sales representatives to find a machine that meets your specific requirements.

To create a plastic flower vase on an extrusion blow molding machine, you need an special blow molding machine, as the vase can be quite large in it’s Dimensions, so the mold clamping force should be quite stronge on this extrusion blow molding machine, and also flower vase can be transparent or semi transparent translucent, and with the surface is Very hard to the touch, the perfect material would be PETG, PC, as you know, it is not easy to blow molding on an extrusion blow molding machine.

plastic flower vase made by blow molding

To create a plastic flower vase, you also need a special mold, remember, it is not normal blow molding, it is special designed for plastic flower vase.   normally,  as flower vase is with special surface. you can’t take a normal blow mold to produce it, you have to take an special designe mold with unflat parting line blow mold.Plastic vase can be various type, but mostly, all vases are with grace outlook.

Any kind of container can be used for displaying flowers as flower vases, however some are more suitable than others for ensuring good flower development. No matter what the material is, make sure that the container is clean! Our advice: try to display your flowers in Clean and transparent plastic flower vase. Plastic is an inert, hard and smooth material which does not cause a reaction between vase water and vase. such as PETG, PC, PMMA. Plastic is not too sensitive to scratches on the inside and is easy to clean. And it  shows the complete bouquet.


Other types of containers can be used, however you could be reducing the vase life of your flowers or even irreparably spoil the container itself!

  • Glass are not always resistant to acidic vase water and constant cleaning, glass vase is mostly dangerous when you have kids less than 12 in your home room. because glass vase is absolutely broken when it drops on the floor,  and the broked galss is also very danger it cuts into your finger or foot or your skin.
  • Crystal, especially when older often has extremely small pores in which micro-organisms can accumulate. These small pores are difficult to clean and make the vase prone to dullness.
  • Ceramics are relatively neutral if they are glazed. If they are unglazed, or the glaze is chipped, micro-organisms accumulate in the damaged spot. These are difficult to clean and therefore have a negative effect on the flower’s vase life.
  • Metals react with the water. Cut flowers will turn the vase water acidic, just as flower food does. This increases the chance of exchanging metal ions in the vase water. An increased concentration of these metal ions in the water is toxic to flowers and causes burnt leaves and flowers. Always use acid resistant plastic liners in metal containers or vases.Plastic vase with it's blow mold


Application: petg vase blow molding machine