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Shade ball bird ball filled with half water blow molding machine

SPB-1.8L special for the shade ball, with Dual die head, double station, with 1200 shade ball production capacity per hour. And more important, This is our patented machine, blow molding, water filling, sealing , 3 in 1, the machine finish these  processes at the same time.

Shade balls pretty much act like a jack-of-all-trades in the fight against California’s historic drought: they deflect UV rays, reduce evaporation, discourage birds and wildlife from interfering with the limited water supply, and prevent harmful algae from growing in the water. In addition, the black balls also prevent the water’s chlorine and bromite from reacting with sunlight to become bromate—a chemical thought to cause cancer. Made of polythene, these miracle balls work for up to ten years and cost just 36 cents.

Shade ball, Just like the bird balls which came before it, the shade balls excel at keeping flying wildlife at bay. This prevents other toxic elements besides bromate from developing in the water. The shade balls also prevent algae from forming, resulting in the use of less chlorine to disinfect the reservoir.

And just before you go thinking that the black balls increase the evaporation rate in the reservoir, Derek Muller made sure to clarify and explain this particular issue to the staff at the L.A. reservoir.

Check this video, how these shade balls work on protecting the drinking water from evaporation under the sunlight:

Features & Application

Shade ball with half water insideShade balls are small plastic spheres floated on top of a reservoir for environmental reasons, including to slow evaporation and prevent sunlight from causing reactions among chemical compounds present in the water. Also known as bird balls, they were developed initially to prevent birds from landing on bodies of water.

Shade ball offers a simple and maintenance free solution to reduce heat loss, evaporation, algae growth and odors. High surface area coverage is achieved by placing a sufficient amount of balls on the surface of the liquid. The balls arrange themselves to provide coverage of up to 91%. The result is a thermal insulation barrier which combines the insulation factor of the air held in each ball with the poor heat conductivity of plastic. While the air pockets between the balls are not sealed, they also contribute to this insulation system, which dramatically reduces heat loss and light transfer.

Shade ball is constructed of polyethylene and is 100mm (4 inches) in diameter, with a weight ranging from 120g to 275g (depending on the application). The sturdy construction combined with the ballasting element inside the ball allow each element to float with about 30% to 50% of the ball submerge, making the shade ball wind resistant and preventing the balls from being blown out of the pond. Its sturdy construction ensure it is very durable, totally maintenance free, with airtight seals to contain the ballasting material  (proprietary manufacturing techniques are used). Special HDPE formulation and ultraviolet stabilizers protect from the degrading effect of sunlight.shade-balls-superjinjun

Shade ball covers, does not represent an obstacle to static, moving or dipping equipment. The balls can be easily pushed aside and the cover reforms itself as the basin and obstacles change configuration, as in a clarifier. In fact, the balls will keep up with liquid level, rising, lowering and restacking themselves as needed.

Shade ball cover is also an effective wildlife deterrent. When entirely covered, the body of water becomes unattractive to waterfowl and other wildlife such as deer. They simply don’t recognize it as water. Compared to netting, Shade ball covers are not sensitive to ice or snow damage and do not require any kind of support.


The parameter list for this shade ball making machine as below:

Screw Diameter mm 50
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22:1
Extrusion motor KW 11
Oil pressure motor KW 5.5
Screw rotate speed R.P.M 10-75
Screw heating zone Parts 6
Heating power KW 12.6
Parison motor option KW
Extruding Capacity HDPE kg/h Approx.35
Mold Center Distance mm 120
platen distance mm 110-330
mold movement stroke mm 310
Length range of mould mm 50-250
Width range of mould mm 60-260
Thickness range of mould mm 110-150
Dry Circle time s 3.6
Mold-locked pressure Ton 3
Oil tank Volume L 150
Air Pressure kg/cm2 6-8
Air Volume m3/min 0.4
Cooling water pressure mpa 0.3-0.5
Cooling water consumption L/min 30
Min./Max. diameter of product mm 10-100
Weight of product g 0.5-150
Volume of product L 0.01-1
Total power consumption kw 29
Average power consumption kw Approx.11-13
Net weight of machine ton 3
Gross weight of Machine ton 3.2
Machine dimension (L*W*H) m3 2.26*1.66*2.24