plastic medical urinal blow molding machine
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Plastic Female or male medical urinal blow molding machine

Features & Application

Plastic Female or male medical urinal blow molding machine

A urinal is a container used to collect urine. It is shaped to fit either a man or a woman. But some women might find it easier to use a bedpan. it is normal for male patient who can’t heaf his bed. Urinal is a bottle for urination. It is most frequently used in health care for patients who find it impossible or difficult to get out of bed during sleep. Urinals allow the patient who has cognition and movement of their arms to urinate without the help of staff. A urinal bottle can also used by travelers or transportation workers who are unable to immediately use a public restroom as part of an emergency kit, or in areas where restroom facilities are too distant.Urinals are used as part of input and output measurement and feature embedded markings to measure the fluid. Generally, patients who are able to are encouraged to walk to the toilet or use a bedside commode as opposed to a urinal. The prolonged use of a urinal has been shown to lead to constipation or trouble urinating.

Urinals are most frequently used for male patients, since they are easier to use with male anatomy. While female urinals exist, they are more difficult to use, and the common practice for females is to use a bedpan. Female urinals require a wider opening and must be placed between the legs. For many women, female urinals are more practical in a wheelchair rather than in a bed. But the opening part of urinal may get infected by the germs and can be disinfected by various chemicals.

For now Plastic Urinal is most popular in the world, Plastic urinal is made on our blow mold machine, it is just same as a bottle but with a handle and with wide mouth. our blow molding machine produces this Plastic medical Urinal  with perfection performance.

Blow molding is a type of plastic forming process for creating hollow plastic products made from thermoplastic materials. The process involves heating and inflating a plastic tube known as a parison or preform. The parison is placed between two dies that contain the desired shape of the product. Air is then supplied to expand the tube causing the walls to become thinner and conform to the shape of the mold. Once the blowing process is complete, the product is then cooled, ejected, trimmed, and prepared for the secondary processes. Extrusion blow molding involves the extrusion of a parison with a predetermined length which is held by a split die on its ends. The parison is sealed in one end while the other end is fitted to an air supply. Compressed air is introduced which inflates the parison. The dies are typically cold which cools the inflated molten plastic as it meets the die surface. When the dimensions of the product are stable, the mold is opened to eject the product. Our blow molding machine is Extrusion blow molding machine for this medical plastic urinal for male or female.

There are two main types of extrusion blow molding categorized by the method of extruding the plastic to create the parison. These are continuous and intermittent blow molding.

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