Cathejell bottle blow molding machine
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Cathejell bottle blow molding machine SPB-1.8LD

Properties of Cathejell lidocaine

  • Visible and soluble in water
  • tissue-adapted conductivity


cathejell lidocaine

Cathejell is a sterile, clear, water-soluble lubricant gel, which improves the sliding when inserting catheters (intermittent catheterisation) and instruments (in general anesthesia) into the urethra.

The advantages of Cathejell lidocaine

  • optimal handling: instill with one hand open
  • perfect instillation: slow, soulful, hold the bellows down while extracting
  • optimal result: gentle insertion of the catheter without micro-lesions, without pain

Areas of application Cathejell with lidocaine
Cathejell with lidocaine has a local anesthetic (lidocaine) and germicidal effect (chlorhexidine) and is intended to relieve pain during urological interventions and largely prevent infections.
Lidocaine is a medically proven means of local anesthesia (local anesthetic). As a local anesthetic, its effect occurs 5-10 minutes after it is introduced into the urethra and lasts for 20-30 minutes.
Chlorhexidine disinfects and is effective against a large number of bacteria, some fungi and viruses. At the present concentration, chlorhexidine protects against infections of the upper urethra and bladder that may occur as a result of the treatment.

Check this video, see how this machine produce this PP Cathejell bottle:

Features & Application

cathejell with lidocaine 12.5gCathejell Lidocaine is a catheter lubricant with local anaesthetic and disinfectant effect for instillation into the urethra prior insertion of a catheter or other medical instrument.

  • Pain relief through anaesthetic effect
  • Cathejell contains as medically effective ingredient Lidocaine and Chlorhexidine
  • Onset of action after 5 minutes following the instillation of the gel
  • The patient is relaxed and iatrogenic injuries due to spasticity or unquiet are minimalized
  • Antiseptic effect due to Chlorhexidine
  • Especially suitable for Catheterisation, Probing, Endoscopy and Cystoscopy
  • Cathejell Applicator for use in Gynaecology and Proctology is available

Key benefits of Cathejell lidocaine :

  • Excellent and long-lasting lubrication properties
  • Protects from injuries
  • Antiseptic action
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Simple to handle
  • Ideal viscosity, no flow back from the urethra
  • Free of parabens
Application: cathejell bottle machine