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All-electric blow molding machine The entire blow molding machine does not use a hydraulic system. The moving parts of the blow molding machine, mold clamping, blowing needles, and parison wall thickness twitching parts are all driven by servo motors. The lifting action of the platform is all driven by electricity, and the post-cooling part, the remaining material part, and the bottle-taking robot part are driven by electricity or pneumatics, and it is required to have the function of an optional additional small hydraulic station to cooperate with the core pulling of some special molds Function.

This is the technical standard on this all-electric blow molding machine:
1. The mold clamping part requires the use of hinged electric mold clamping structure
2. The mold moving part requires gear type
3. The blowing seat adopts servo motor
4. The self-locking property of the mold clamping, mold shifting and tuyere should be considered to prevent movement.
5. Mold moving stroke 450mm, mold opening and closing 220-450mm, clamping force 10ton
6. The width of the template is 380mm, and the height of the mold is 350mm
7. Main screw diameter 55mm
8. This machine head is equipped with six machine heads with a center distance of 45mm
9. Clamping motor: gearbox 50:1 – 4.5KW 2 pieces
10. Mould-moving motor: gearbox 10:1- 4.5 KW 2 pieces

(Note: The mold shifting frame includes a mold weight of about 1000KG, the mold shifting time is 0.75 seconds to complete 450mm, the gear module is about 4, and the indexing circle is about 80mm. The motor speed is 1500)

11. Nozzle motor: electric cylinder JJ-YSL134L-20-160-1-3000S 3KW 2 pieces
Screw lead 20, stroke 160
12. Head-up ordinary motor: RV worm gear reducer 45.16:1 3KW 1 piece
13. Machine lifting motor: RV worm gear reducer 10:1 1.5KW 1 piece
14. Manipulator motor, screw lead 10, stroke 600 400W 2 pieces

All electric blow molding machine is the only way to mold products with clean & low noise environment without having no peculiar oil stains caused by hydraulic system.

The advantages of All electric blow molding machine:

  • Low energy consumption, less carbon footprint, no pollution, less maintenance cost 25% – 30% less energy can be saved by All Electric machine compared to traditional hydraulic one.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Plastic
  • Capable to process more recycled grade or PCR in the middle layer of a 3 layer canister. 30% weight reduction can be achieved without compromising the quality from the drop test and stacking stability with an improved design on the shape. With 3 layer structure the use of master batch can be saves around 60-80%. The total saving of plastic in a year is tremendous. In addition, when less plastic being used per canister, with less heat, fast cooling cycle can increase the production rate.
  • Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing control system All production data can be collected and recorded for analysis to improve the production control in many ways:
    * Plastic consumption in virgin grade, regrind grade, master batch
    * Energy consumption data in hour/month/year, Processing condition with alarm signals Preventive maintenance instructions to keep machine always at high working efficiency.
  • Energy Saving. The machine is controlled by servo motors without hydraulic system.60 % less energy consumption compared to hydraulic power models.
  • Quietness and low noise level. The noise of servo motor is much less than inductive motor for hydraulic pump.
  • Clean and no oil pollution. No oil leaking problem and annoying piping work. It is the best choice for production in clean-room.
  • More precise and faster cycle time: Servo motor could make excellent precision in high-speed running to improve production efficiency.
  • More Environmentally-friendly and user friendly.
  • It also has a much lower risk of failure and generally easier and cheaper to maintain and repair than hydraulic blow molding machine.
Features & Application

Super jinjun has developed Fully Electric Blow Molding Machine for the packaging industry producing pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage bottles in clean-room. Fully Electric Blow Molding Machine is a total new innovative design with servo motors controls which significantly reduce energy consumption, give higher production rate, noise level much reduced, in long term total production cost being dramatically reduced.

This full all electric continuous extrusion blow molding machine is new out of normal hydraulic blow molding machine.

Aview on the inside of all-electric blow molding machine:


inside the all-electric blow molding machine

inside the all-electric blow molding machine

This full all-electric  blow molding machine features Compact structure and reasonable layout. The mold moving stroke 450mm, mold opening and closing 220-450mm,  mold clamping force 10 tons.

The height of the mold base from the ground is only 20cm, which is very suitable for manually installing molds, removing molds and changing molds. The originalpatented  toggle electric mold clamping system . only SUPER JINJUN has it.

The die head can be single, double, 3 die heads, four die heads  until 8 die heads. 8 die heads is very usefull for tiny bottle production less than 100ml.









Operation panel and PLC on this  all -electric blow molding machine:

Operation panel and PLC on all-electric blow molding machine:


This all-electric blow molding machine is equipped with Delta Programmable logic controller (PLC) and it’s touch screen. Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a control system using electronic operations. Its easy storing procedures, handy extending principles, functions of sequential/position control, timed counting and input/output control are widely applied to the field of industrial automation control.

The Delta Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series is a high performance multi-purpose controller designed for all kinds of automated equipment. AS series standard CPU features Delta’s self-developed 32-bit SoC CPUs for enhanced execution speed (40 k steps/ms) and supports up to 32 extension modules or up to 1,024 inputs/outputs. It provides accurate positioning control for up to 8 axes via CANopen motion network and max. 6 axes via pulse control (200 kHz). AS series motion CPU features EtherCAT/CANopen motion control interface and multiple communication ports. It also offers motion control function blocks complying with international standards and synchronizes up to 16/24 real axes in one update cycle. AS series controllers are widely used in diverse automated equipment such as packaging, printing, labeling, textile and pharmaceutical industries.











Extruder screw is driven by a servo motor on this all electric blow molding machine

Servo motor on the extrusion screw of all-electric blow molding machine


The extrusion machine power on this all-electric blow molding machine is large, so need to be full load in long period, so the motor temperature will be maintained at a high point. Therefore, Fukuta has developed inverter duty motors and induction servo motor, because have forced fan, it does not raise the motor temperature too high due to the speed change, and has stable operating characteristics. It is more recommended to use induction servo motors for high-power options, and High-power induction servo motor is in laminated design. The Insulation is up to H-class and N-class anti-surge copper wire. The product is lightweight, value-added without price increase, to help increase the value of the equipment.

By this serve motor, this full all-electric extrusion blow molding machine works with a pretty low power consumption. if without the servo motor, this full all-electric blow molding machine is with 20kw electric power consumption. But it is about 15 kw electric power consumption.







Guide rail lubricating oil supply system on all electric blow molding machine

Guide rail lubricating oil supply system on full electric blow molding machine

Guide rail lubricating oil supply system on full electric blow molding machine

This all-electric blow molding machines took HERG ZH series electric lubricating plunger pump is composed of a micro synchronous motor and a worm gear reduction mechanism. It is a lubricating device that can realize automatic intermittent and oil injection as long as it is connected to the power supply. TM series electric lubricating plunger pumps can be divided into two specifications: 1-3ml/cy and 3-6ml/cy adjustable according to the range of discharge volume.

ZH series electric plunger grease pump can be divided into two types according to the control mode: built-in program controller control and customer PLC control. According to the structure of the fuel tank, it can be divided into two categories: with a dynamic pressure oil pan and without a dynamic pressure oil pan. This type of lubrication pump can be combined with DF series single-line distributor to form a single-line centralized lubrication system. mainly uses NLGI000#~2# grease, application fields: wind power generation, construction machinery, construction machinery and large equipment such as mines, steel mills, metallurgy, and docks. Among them: the lubricating pump without a follower oil plate is only suitable for vertical installation, and the lube pump with a follower oil plate can be installed in any position.

Guide rail lubricating oil supply system on all electric blow molding machine