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tiny fish shape soy sauce bottle blow molding machine

Tiny soy sauce fish bottle blow molding machine. tiny soy sauce fish is now popular in the sushi or other restaurant. tiny soy sauce fish bottle is made by our extrusion blow molding machine,  the follow parameter list is it:

Screw Diameter mm 50
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22:1
Extrusion motor KW 11
Oil pressure motor KW 5.5
Screw rotate speed R.P.M 10-75
Screw heating zone Parts 6
Heating power KW 12.6
Parison motor option KW
Extruding Capacity HDPE kg/h Approx.35
Mold Center Distance mm 45/50/60/85/100/120
platen distance mm 110-330
mold movement stroke mm 310
Length range of mould mm 50-250
Width range of mould mm 60-260
Thickness range of mould mm 110-150
Dry Circle time s 3.6
Mold-locked pressure Ton 3
Oil tank Volume L 150
Air Pressure kg/cm2 6-8
Air Volume m3/min 0.4
Cooling water pressure mpa 0.3-0.5
Cooling water consumption L/min 30
Min./Max. diameter of product mm 10-100
Weight of product g 0.5-150
Volume of product L 0.01-1
Total power consumption kw 29
Average power consumption kw Approx.11-13
Net weight of machine ton 3
Gross weight of Machine ton 3.2
Machine dimension (L*W*H) m3 2.26*1.66*2.24

Features & Application


The iconic soy sauce fish packets used with sushi are loved around the world for their cuteness & convenience, The soy sauce container consists of a blow moulded body with an injection moulded cap and has increased in popularity ever since its design in 2008. The person who thought of serving soy sauce in a fish is now rich. The idea started in 2008 when Caesers Palace wanted a premium soy sauce container. and the brand Little Soya got to work fulfilling this request with an original fish-shaped, refillable and 100% recyclable soy sauce package. The only design requirement was that it needed to be a container. It could have been a simple cube or a common ‘bottle’ shape, but by adding the novelty of the fish, it established itself as one of the most common sauce packages in the world.

While functionality is integral to the design process, it’s the novelty that often sells the most products. People want new products that stand out and don’t follow the norm, and if you can design a product that does exactly this, you could be responsible for a design that completely changes and controls the market.


Soy sauce fish now it widely used in SUSHI and other restaurants. it is so practicable and convenience that people all like it. Soy fish sauce is filled in a tiny fish shaped plastic bottle, This plastic fish shaped bottle is surely made from extrusion blow molding machine. our this SPB-1.8LD blow molding machine is perfect suitable for various tiny plastic containers. such as glue bottle, nail glue bottle.

Application: SPB blow molding machine