Spanish Client orders our machine for Bubble deck slab longer span constructure plastic hollow spheres made

concrete plastic sphere


plastic ball in concretespanish Client Mr. Jose Luis Gonzalez ordered 2 extrusion blow molding machine for Plastic hollow spheres in concrete on constructure.

What is concrete sphere on constructure? Mr Jose Luis Gonzalez said like this:

Mterials plastic spheres (hollow spheres made from recycled high density polyethylene). enough strength (90% of solid slab) & rigidity. Steel ( steel reinforcement is of ms or hysd can be used ). Concrete concrete is made up of standard portland cement with max

Working project of bubble deck slab longer span, fewer columns




Advantages disadvantage

  • concrete usage is reduced as 1kg of recycled plastic replaces 100kg of concrete. Hence this technology is green technology.
  • reduces the overall dead load of structure & leads to 30 %to 50% lighter slab which reduces load on columns , walls and foundations. •larger spans.
  • lower the cost of total
  • punching shear capacity is low.
  • skilled labour required.
  • conventional slab is less deflect than bubble deck slab.
  • load carrying capacity is less than conventional slab.


An experimental study on bubble deck slab system with hollow elliptical balls

The use of hollow plastic balls in the reinforced concrete slab and its effects. •they founded that 50% dead weight reduction compared to solid slab , less co2 emission. • less concrete required . •load carrying capacity of slab is depend on arrangements of bubbles. 2. Experimental study on bubble deck slab prof. Nishant rajoria , muhammad shafiq mushfiq (irjet) to determine load bearing capacity and to estimate amount of concrete saved. •results shows bubble deck slab carried less load due to stiffness reduction because of plastic balls introduce in to the slab. • 10.55-25% of concrete saved as compare to solid slab.

  1. An experimental study on bubble deck slab. Neeraj tiwari , sana zafar to increase the strength of slab by using continuous and alternative bubble arrangement in the slab and to determine the deformation and failing mechanisms. • continuous arrangement of bubbles increase the strength compare to alternate bubble arrangement. • volume of concrete in bubble deck ( continuous ) are less required i.e. 25% approx. •conventional slab is less deflect .Plastic sphere in concrete bubble deck
  2. Punching shear strength development of bubble deck slab using gfrp (glass fiber reinforced polymer) stirrups. This paper compared the punching shear behavior of bubble deck slab to solid slab by using ansys software. •compared to solid slab punching shear capacity of bubble deck slab is less . • they used gfrp strips with various orientation as a strengthening system which increase load carrying capacity up to 20%.
  3. Finite element analysis of voided slab with high density polypropylene void formers subramania n, k* and bhuvaneshw ari , p analysis is performed using ansys software on 6 specimens in which 3 are solid and others voided. •voided slabs performed similar to that of solid slab , either by plate analysis or finite element analysis. •voided slab v30 by using ansys software

Weight reduction is 50% compared to solid slab. concrete usage reduced up to 10.55-25% as 1kg of recycled plastic replaces 100 kg of concrete, reduces co2 emission. obtain large span with less supporting columns. punching shearing capacity is less so gfrp(glass fiber reinforced polymer) stirrups with various orientation is used as a strengthening system for bubble deck slab. Reducing material consumption made it possible to make the construction time faster and overall costs are reduced by 8-10%.

Scope of future use used for constructing all types of building especially sky scrappers. Best of larger span halls like theatres and auditoriums.  Pedestrain bridge decks. used in parking areas as less number of column


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