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Household consuming Products Packaging Solution

Think of products you have around the house, such as water bottles or shampoo. The bottle is a hollow, singular container with thin walls, and an example of what blow moulding makes. Blow moulding is also used to make bottles for oil and petroleum products, and medical and technical solutions. Manufacturers also use blow moulding to make automotive parts, stadium seating and chairs, coolers and watering cans.

Blow molding is very similar to glass blowing. A plastic tube is heated and filled with air, at which point, it becomes a balloon of hot plastic called a ‘parison’. The mould is then placed around the parison. The plastic is trapped while air continues to fill the parison, creating the shape of your component.

The advantages of blow moulding are:
• The costs are lower than plastic injection moulding
• Machinery costs are also usually lower
• One-piece construction – no need to connect part halves