Auto and Motorcycle Solutions

It mainly focuses on blow-molded-hvac-system-components of automobile and motorcycle industry, JinJun Machinery understands the tight packaging constraints involved in HVAC duct design and can help work around the geometrical restrictions imposed by other vehicle components. That’s why OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers across the globe partner with Regency for the development and manufacturing of their custom blow-molded HVAC duct components and assemblies. We have the resources and expertise to assist with your design, engineering, tooling, and production needs.

Blow molding is the ideal manufacturing process for HVAC components and assemblies. It can achieve difficult part geometries with tight tolerances, produce high impact and structural integrity, and is more cost-effective than alternative molding methods such as rotomolding. Here’s a small sample of some common HVAC components manufactured through blow molding.