Hydraulic Accumulator head Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
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Hydraulic Accumulator head Extrusion Blow Molding Machine


Suitable for all car parts, large toys, gas-tank, large toolbag, office desks&chairs. plastic volume in 40-230L. plastic material including PE、PP、PS etc.


  • HMI Touch Screen, Incorporating with PLC system (Optional Siemens/B&R Control) for easy maintenance.
  • Blowing Unit/ Die Head movement for changing mold easily, as option.
  • Built with safety devices to provide maximum protection for the machine operator.
  • High plasticizing capacity extrusion screw is designed to handle material variations.
  • Plasticizing screw and barrel is precision machined from special nitrogen treated steel.
  • Water cooling technology controls feed zone temperature.
  • Chiller circulated hydraulically controlled blow-pin.
  • When requiring both functions in a single machine, purchase the machine for PVC application and order the additional parts (screw and die head ) for conversion to PE application.

Check this video to see how the machine works


large size plastic containers

large size plastic containers

large size chemical liquid stock containers

large size chemical liquid stock containers

Features & Application

SPB-230LS Accumulative Blow Molding Machine For Large Volume Chemical Barrels

An accumulator head is convertible to alternate capacity ranges by providing a construction that has a segmented barrel with a matching ram in the purging system. More specifically, the accumulator barrel is divided into upper and lower segments so that the accumulator chamber is bounded by the lower barrel segment. The inner diameter of the lower barrel segment matches the outer diameter of the ram, and the length of the lower barrel segment corresponds roughly to the range of movement of the ram. With this accumulator construction, it is possible to change the working volume of the internal accumulator chamber by simply changing two parts, i.e., the lower barrel segment (inner diameter) and the ram (outer diameter). In addition, the two piece accumulator barrel design facilitates a more economical construction since the lower segment (where most of the wear occurs) can be made of a wear resistant grade of steel, while the upper segment can be manufactured from a lower cost, more easily machined material.

  • Single Station
  • Single Head
  • Production Volume:10L~230L
  • Specialize for the PE/PP/PC/Nylon
  • Clamping system:Tie bar Type
  • Driven Model: Hybrid servo motor drive system/ High performace hydraluic power saving system/Close loop proportional valve
  • Support Parison controller/Auto Recycling/Auto material feeder/Remote trouble shooting funciton/IML

Large storage Blow Molding Machine (blowing machine) can produce 20-120L containers, with Human-machine interface; easy operation system and steady as well as high-speed color change; Optional 30 points or 100 points parison wall thickness controller. Storage can reserve 4-8Kg plastic material; meanwhile the parison can press out instantly, equality thickness, optional fix manipulator.


  • HMI Touch Screen, Incorporating with PLC system (Optional Siemens/B&R Control) for easy maintenance.
  • The plasticizing screw and barrel are precision machined from special nitrogen treated steel for maximum temperature and heat resistance.
  • Water cooling technology controls feed zone temperature.
  • Hydraulically controlled blow-pin with cooler circulation.
  • The Accumulative Blow Molding Machine is especially suited to molding large volume capacity containers. (ex. L-Ring Drum, Open Top Drum, Jerry Cans, Water Tanks, Outdoor Parts, Pallets, Automotive etc.), range from 10 to 230 litres.

Here’s 11 Products Created With Our Blow Molding Machines:

Blow Molded Automotive Ducts

Automotive Ducts – Blow molded plastic parts for automotive and transportation vehicles can be custom made to a manufacturer’s specifications. HVAC ducts can be custom made and include headliner, IP, floor, seating, console, and SWD ducts.

Blow Molding Traffic Safety Products

Traffic Safety Products – These plastic products are typically hollow and created using the extrusion method for cones, delineators, barricades, and drums. Each of these traffic safety products help to redirect traffic or keep traffic from entering into a different lane.

Blow Molded Stadium Seating Manufacturing

Stadium Seating and Chairs – Plastic seats are the perfect comfortable seating for viewers in stadiums, auditoriums, and for stand-alone seating. Blow molded manufacturing for stadium seating are durable.

Containers and Tanks Blow Molding Manufacturing

Containers, Trays, Reservoirs, and Tanks – Each of these products are stand-alone designs that can be mass-produced using a specific design or by working with our engineers on a design.

Coolers – The hard plastic coolers are available on retail store shelves and in equipment use. Coolers can be custom made or with dimensions produced by current manufacturer specifications. Coolers can be made according to HDPE standards.

Fan Housings – The housing that surrounds a fan is used for standard retail fans and industrial supply fans and other air mover products. The housing servers to protect the fan motor. With a hard plastic housing, fans are durable and quality made.

Floats, Stands, Panels, and Doors – Each of these products is created using extrusion blow molding. Floats can be used in the marine industry to support floating docks, airplanes, and more.

Toys and Sporting Blow Molding Manufacturing

Toys and Sporting Goods – Hard plastic products are used for toys and sporting goods, including tricycles and wheels, and other quality made items that are created for furniture, play spaces, and more.

Watering Can Blow Molded Products

Watering Cans and Household Products – Created for all types of products and industries, specifications, and colors, blow molding is used for these products.

Plastic Blow Molded Wheels

Wheels – Plastic wheels are used on a variety of items. These can include wheelbarrows, trike bikes, wagons, and more. The hard plastic wheels are durable and quality made.

Blow Molding Carrying Cases

Carrying Cases – Cases are produced to house equipment, including tools, medical equipment, scientific, and other industrial equipment. Carrying cases at Western Case include in-stock, semi-custom, and custom cases produced to the customer’s specifications.

Extrusion blow molding meets a customer’s quality expectations throughout the process. Western Case has many customers who want an approach where they only have to go to one place. Our one-stop manufacturing includes production, assembly, and packaging.

Automotive spoilers, duct work and reservoirs
Swing sets, slides, bicycles
Medical parts
Trash cans
Ornamental packaging
Water coolers and filtration containers
Industrial containers
Double wall parts
In-Mold Carpet, Vinyl and Component Insertion


Application: Large storage Blow Molding Machine, Large storage Plastic Blowing Machine