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Reusable large sports water gym drink bottle extrusion blow molding machine DKB-5LD

We all know the facts about the importance of water consumption so I’m not going to repeat them.

petg large size water bottle

All you need to know is that if you aren’t hydrated, your body will become a desert and blow away like sand in the wind. Google the before and after photos of people who switch from drinking minimal water to a gallon of water—the results are wild. I feel like a pink cherub from a Michelangelo painting. I feel hot like Naomi Campbell’s runway walk.

Plus, I’m no longer buying those pathetic disposable plastic water bottles only to throw them away at the end of the day. (No longer killing the environment or pleasing the capitalist overlords.) I’m not the loser filling up 10 mugs or pint-size paper cups that congregate into a minyan at my keyboard. (That’s both cumbersome and crowded!) Small water containers of any kind are a hindrance to hydration: a person cannot be lubricated by the miracle that we know as water when they’re always getting up to fill a water bottle or a cup.

The supersize water jug is life-changing. I keep one at my desk, and I’m sipping through its straw as I type this. I take a hearty gulp and I can feel the water wake me up. I’m not as hungry as I usually am. I haven’t had the weird, unhealthy bulk-ordered office snacks. My lips are pillowy and soft, like teenage Angelina Jolie circa Hackers. Sure, I’ve become an H2O-glugging freak. But I’m an H2O-glugging freak with really clear skin.

Here, see the 21 best water bottles to keep at your desk. Bottoms up!

Why Are Large Reusable Water Bottles Becoming So Popular?

As more and more people come to terms with the insurmountable effects of single-use plastic bottles, there has been a significant shift to the use of reusable water bottles, thanks to their functionality, style, and eco-friendly credentials. We all have that one reusable water bottle that’s probably been lying in our kitchen cabinets or a constant carry-around to ensure you stay properly hydrated throughout the day.

More than ever, most people realize that small water containers of any kind are only a hindrance to hydration. For this reason, super-size, large reusable water bottles are becoming a hot trend, and here is why.


It’s an Easy and Convenient Way to Carry Lots of H20 on Hand

The extra-large plastic bottles, most of which come in 64-ounce+ carrying capacities, ensure you have enough water on hand to last you the whole day. You don’t need to make trips to the water cooler every couple of hours to refill the bottle, as the water should just suffice. Think about the times when you are going out camping, want to hit the beach or any other outdoor activity that takes all day long. A large oversized water bottle helps ensure you stay hydrated for those long outdoor activities.

Having a large water container by your side also serves as a constant reminder to drink up. For those who want to boost their water intake but tend to forget to keep a glass full, getting a really big water bottle can help them achieve their goal. It really makes all the difference. Being able to see how much you’ve drunk is the perfect wake-up call to get you sipping on more if you are having problems keeping up with your water intake levels.

It’s an “I’m Healthy” Statement to the World

“I’m not adequately dressed without my bottle of water.” Perhaps you’ve had this somewhere. A lot of us want to be intentional with our hydration goals. It’s true: Seemingly, everyone wants to drink more water. We all know that water is essential to most bodily functions. It’s the go-to remedy for various ailments, including exhaustion, headaches, dry skin, digestive problems, inflammation, and a number of other health benefits. Lack of it leads to dehydration which can have really negative consequences as your body would stop working properly.

Because water is so important, many people often wonder if they are drinking enough of it. Those that dutifully carry large water bottles with them are seen as more well-adjusted to a healthy lifestyle. Putting a large bottle of water in front of you or carrying it around demonstrates that you care about your health. Further, it seems to be generally accepted that water drinking will prevent people from drinking unhealthy beverages with lots of sugar.

It’s a Celebrity-Approved Hydration Trend

Drinking more water has become nothing less than a lifestyle. Carrying around a large fancy hydrating bottle has become more like a status symbol for Millenials. All across Instagram, you can find these large water bottles lurking around in photos of most exercise enthusiasts and fitness instructors. For instance, the HydroMATE Gallon Motivational Water Bottle variety, available in various colors, has become the most popular among many celebrities. Its large size spots time markers with little motivation sayings to make the 128 ounces feel way more achievable. It’s just a fun way to help you reach your personal water goal each day.

Most of these bottles come with a wrist strap and an easy-to-grab side handle, making it super convenient to have them on the go without feeling like the weight is too cumbersome. The top lid can be flipped as well as unscrewed or removed entirely for easy drinking throughout the day.


Wondering How to Up Your Water Level Intake?

Hydration is not only a trend, it’s becoming more of a way of life. We are likely to see more people looking for larger hydration opportunities hop on this current trend of large reusable water bottles. While there is no medical proof specifying the need to drink a half-gallon of water every day, hydration is quickly becoming a top wellness priority for so many people.

If you are committed to improving your hydration game, this is a perfect way to do it. The trick here is to focus on drinking water steadily throughout the day instead of guzzling it down all at once at whatever time of the day. Your body will thank for this.

Features & Application

This is the parameter list for the DKB-5LD:

Parameter Unit DKB-5LD
Screw Diameter mm 80
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 26:1
Extrusion motor KW 30
Oil pressure motor KW 15
Screw rotate speed R.P.M 10-75
Screw heating zone Parts 6
Heating power KW 20
Parison motor             ( option) KW
Extruding Capacity HDPE kg/h 110
Mold Center Distance mm
platen distance mm 180-550
mold movement stroke mm 490
Length range of mould mm 150-380
Width range of mould mm 150-450
Thickness range of mould mm 180-250
Dry Circle time s 3.7
Mold-locked pressure Ton 9
Oil tank Volume L 200
Air Pressure kg/cm2 6-8
Air Volume m3/min 0.8
Cooling water pressure mpa 0.3-0.5
Cooling water consumption L/min 60
Min./Max. diameter of product mm 40-300
Weight of product g 30-300
Volume of product L 0.1-6
Total power consumption kw 65
Average power consumption kw Approx.25-38
Net weight of machine ton 9
Gross weight of Machine ton 9.2
Machine dimension (L*W*H) m3 4.1*2.3*2.9

This extrusion machine comes with Double station,  single die head,  extrusion capacity up to 110kg per hour (HDPE). for this PETG  2.0 L reusable large sports water gym drink bottle, The production capacity is about 300 BPH. and important, PC, PCTG, Tritan water bottle are both available on this blow molding machine.

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