Multilayer co-extrusion blow molding machine
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Multilayer Co-extrusion blow molding machine with 6 layer and EVOH Barrier layer

Nowadays, Public awareness of environmental protection and life quality always leads to higher standard of products. As a replacement of glass, there is increasing demand in multi-layer co-extruded plastic hollow containers that are completely sealed, light resistive, corrosion resistive, heat resistive, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, durable, anti-static, flame retardant, strong, very tough and impact resistive.ketchup bottle with EVOH barrier layer

A multilayer blow molding machine is required for the manufacturing process of such plastic containers. Two or more layers of plastic (same or different types) are injected into the same machine. A compounded parison with separate layer is formed by a special nose.

It yields quality products with no scrap and cutting edge on the bottom without involving any welding and chemical process. The process is suitable for high-volume, wide-open container manufacturing.

Multilayer structure materials include: nylon / polyolefin, polyvinyl alcohol / polyolefin, PE / PVC / polyethylene, polystyrene / polyacrylonitrile / polypropylene.

See this Illustrating for understanding multilayer constructure:

Multilayer structure list

All as you see, these multilayer constructures are normal options for our co-extrusion blow molding machine. This means you can take any of the layer constructure when you buy our machine.

Multilayer co-extrusion blow molding is the technology of making hollow container by blowing molding.

It uses more than two extruders to melt and plasticize the same or different plastics in different extruders.

And then compounding, extruding and forming multi-layer concentric composite parison in the die.

Its basic process principle is the same as the single-layer blow moulding technique. Only the moulding equipment uses several extruders to plasticize a different kind of plastics.

Control the integration and bond quality of plastics layers is the key to the multilayer co-extrusion blow molding technology.

Multilayer co-extrusion blow molding is developed to meet the needs in some industries with some special requirements.

Such as the airtightness and corrosion resistance in pharmaceutical, food, and industry.

The following content will help you understand this technology better.

Multilayer Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Characteristics

Multilayer co-extrusion blow molding hollow products are produced by extruding several different raw materials into hollow products through multi-layer die head.

To achieve the barrier performance of the container to external substances.

Adopt coextrusion blow molding, compound a variety of polymers together. Forming the multi-layer containers.

The advantages can be summarized as follows:

Improve the impermeability

Improve the performance of the products. Such as strength, stiffness, softness, heat resistance, transparency and size stability

Improve the surface performance of products. No stripe, no speckle, no scratch. More smooth, cleaner.

Multilayer Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Material Selection

The development of multilayer co-extrusion blow molding technology and equipment makes it possible to choose the best material combination plan.

And this also realizes the production of ideal performance blow molding products.

According to the production capacity range and performance requirements, this technique supports 3-6 layers of production.


When choosing material, the different layers should choose different materials.

The inner layer and outer layer, choose all-new material, which is of high quality.

Attention here, you should according to your production needs to choose suitable raw material.


Multilayer co-extrusion blow molding machine with EVOH barrier layer

The applications shoud be as many as below:

  • Gas barrier                     Food packaging

Heating and cooling pipes

Cosmetic packaging

Vacuum insulation panels

Health Care packaging

  • Solvent barrier                  Fuel tanks

Fuel pipes

Agrochemical bottles

  • Anti-flavour scalping        Liquid containers
  • Aroma preservation         Food and cosmetic packaging
  • Anti-static                       Stain proof wallpaper
  • High transparency           Multiple uses
  • Surface gloss                 Cosmetic packaging
  • Hydrophilic                     Multiple uses
    Multilayer bottle with EVOH barrier layer

    Multilayer bottle with EVOH barrier layer








As for container with EVOH barrier layer,  they are all made by blow molding machine. this means the blow molding machine should with this related multilayer co-extrusion system.

There are so many Applicaions in real life for plastic container with EVOH barrier layer.  Maybe you would find a layer structure exact you want. see the following:

Typical applications                              Typical structure (in/out)

– Retortable food trays, sauces –             PP/regrind/tie/EVOH/tie/PP

– Baby food, soup –                                  PP/regrind/tie/EVOH/tie/regrind/PP

– Prepared meals, sauces, dairy –           PS/regrind/tie/EVOH/tie/regrind/PE

-Deep draw, transparent, SPPF –            PS/tie/EVOH/tie/PS

– Beverage, fruit cup, meat trays –           PS/tie/EVOH/tie/PE


– Charcuterie, meat, pizza dough –         PET/tie/EVOH/tie/PE

– Ketchup bottles, sauce bottles –            PP/regrind/tie/EVOH/tie/PP



– Juice and milk bottles –                       PE/regrind/tie/EVOH/tie/PE

– Beer, carbonated beverages –             PET/EVOH/PET/EVOH/PET


– Chemical packaging bottles –             EVOH/tie/PE

Chemical drum with 6 co-extrusion by blow molding

Chemical drum with 6 co-extrusion by blow molding



– Cosmetic bottles –                               PE/regrind/tie/EVOH

– Juices, dairy products,  tea, wine –     PE/paper/PE/tie/EVOH/tie/PE

– Soups –                                                 PE/paper/EVOH/tie/PE

– Choc dried foods like spices, coffee –   Paper/PE/tie/EVOH/tie/PE

– Cereal packages without an additional inner bag

– Toothpaste –                                            PE/tie/EVOH/tie/PE

– Cosmetic Products –                              PP/tie/EVOH/tie/PE

– Under-floor heating pipes –                     PEX/tie/EVOH

– Wall heating and cooling –                         PP/tie/EVOH

– Radiator heating pipe –                              PEX/tie/EVOH/tie/ PEX

– External staircases –                                 PE-RT/tie/EVOH/tie/PE-RT

– Plumbing (sanitary) –                                 PB/tie/EVOH/tie/PB

– Gas pipe –                                                  PEX/tie/EVOH

– Open-air snow and ice-free heating –      PEX/tie/EVOH/insulation foam/outer jacket

– District heating pipe –                               PB/tie/EVOH/insulation foam/outer jacket

-Fuel tanks (automotive) –                         HDPE/tie/EVOH/tie/regrind/HDPE + masterbatch

– Small-engine gas tanks

(lawn mower, chain saw, motor vehicles)

– Fuel lines –                                       PA 6/EVOH/PA 6/tie/PA 12

– Fuel filler pipes –                             HDPE/tie/EVOH/tie/regrind/HDPE + masterbatch

– Underground fuel pipes –                EVOH/tie/HDPE


Application: blow molding with EVOH barrier